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Residential Services

A viable solution for high-speed Internet access is now available.

What if I don't use the Internet very much, but I can't stand using dial-up or satellite Internet?

AirLogic's wireless high-speed Internet service offering is flexible with multiple pricing scenarios based on your needs. AirLogic recognizes that each customer has different Internet access needs and our network is designed around low latency and high speed and reliability. Please contact us for more information @ 630-621-4800.

  • Burstable download speeds ranging from 512kbps - 7Mbps
  • Automatic built-in backup connections (multiple redundancies) built into your connection to the Internet
  • Always on secure connection
  • No "dialing-up" needed ever

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Burstable Services

  • We accomodate your bandwidth needs.
  • Packages starting at $35.00
  • Provisioning takes days not months